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US Boxing Office admires the Dark Tower

Image Last weekend ( August 4-6 ) “ Dunkirk ” finally had a worthy opponent. The long-awaited film adaptation of " The Dark Tower " quite expectedly took first place in the US box office, but this is perhaps the only reason for joy. The film is not too distant from the military epic Christopher Nolan , which has been impressing viewers for the third week in a row, and the North American distribution as a whole shows not the best results.

This week was the worst in an entire summer blockbuster season, and he himself lags 10% behind last year's achievements in the same period. And "The Dark Tower" does not help the box office to get out of its predicament - the fantasy, filmed by Nikolai Arsel , earned on the first weekend $ 19.5 million . The studio Sony expected approximately the same amount, but analysts believed that the adaptation of Stephen King's cult cycle would raise at least $ 20-25 million . On the other hand, among all King's film adaptations of "The Dark Tower" in terms of starting indicators, it ranks second after the movie "1408", which started with $ 20.6 million . The tape completed home rental at $ 70 million , but the creation of Arcel repeat this is unlikely to succeed. Journalists believe that adaptation will stop at $ 50-55 million .

It is good that the budget of "The Dark Tower" was modest by the standards of blockbusters $ 60 million , so it will be easier to recoup the film than more expensive representatives of the genre. However, the film adaptation fees all over the world are still $ 27.5 million , which means that Strelko needs to make a lot of efforts so that Sony continues construction with full confidence. the planned franchise.


The film was not helped by the reviews of critics, who for the most part trashed it, calling it empty and meaningless. The first visitors to the cinemas were also not very loyal to The Dark Tower and gave it an average rating of B . With cult works in hand, Arcel and his team have managed to create a mediocre movie that leaves no emotion after watching. The main drawback of the picture, according to fans of the original, should have been Idris Elba, who plays Arrow , but it is he and Matthew McConaughey who pull the entire film on themselves.

With the critically acclaimed sequel to The Curse of Annabelle opening in US theaters this weekend, The Dark Tower is unlikely to be able to stay long at the top of the North American box office.


After two weeks at the top of the top 5, the war drama Dunkirk fell to number two, earning an additional $ 17.6 million . The movie Christopher Nolan has already raised $ 133.6 million at home and, in addition, fell in love with overseas viewers who brought the epic $ 180.6 million to the epic. Now its total amount is more than three times the $ 100 -million budget.


The third position of the top-5 went to the cartoon “ Emoji Movie ” - last weekend it got $ 12.4 million . For a week, the audience of the tape decreased by almost half, which is not surprising if you remember what devastating reviews it collected. Director Anthony Leondis claims to be inspired by the successful Toy Story, but Emoji Movie is more like a simplified version of Puzzle, which takes place inside a smartphone. It is unlikely that a cartoon about emoticons could ever find its viewer, and now the creation of Sony has $ 62.2 million at the worldwide box office with a budget of $ 50 million. At least this gives hope that Emoji Movie will never get a sequel.


The fourth line is occupied by the lucky summer season - the painting " Cool Girls " added $ 11.4 million to the piggy bank, and now it has $ 85.4 million . With a budget of $ 19 million and the presence of serious competition, this amount is an excellent result. The dynamics of the comedy's box office repeats the fate of Paul Fig's "Bachelorette Party in Vegas", which eventually completed its rental at $ 169 million , which means that the film Malcolm D. Lee has a chance to achieve a similar result .


The fifth place in the US box office went to the newcomer of the box office, the thriller " Abduction " with Halle Berry in the title role. The main concern of distributors before the premiere was a weak marketing campaign for the film, and distributors doubted that viewers would go to sessions of a little-known film, tempted only by the participation in it Halle Berry . However, Kidnapping managed to raise $ 10.2 million on its first weekend, thanks in large part to the lack of competition in the genre. This is not to say that the critics were impressed by the tape Luis Prieto . Some liked the game Berry and a cocktail of fear and adrenaline, while others call Kidnapping a second-rate movie, which lacks even a hint of suspense.

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