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Horror flying on the wings of the night

Image At the beginning of last year, there were rumors that the creators of the MCU DC could use Batman in the plot of their supervillain blockbuster " Suicide Squad ". A few months later, footage from the set of the film by David Eyre appeared on the Web, thanks to which it became clear that The Dark Knight would take part at least in the scene of the pursuit of Joker and Harley Quinn .

In an interview with Collider Eyre finally agreed to shed some light on the role of Gotham's protector in his film. “In all of Batman's solo films, the story has always been presented from the point of view of the title character, - said the director. -It's only natural that before we could see him as a good guy. However, it is worth remembering that Bruce Wayne became Batman in order to terrorize the villains and wage a real psychological war against them. He is like a ghost that suddenly appears in the middle of the night to drag you somewhere into the darkness. In “ Suicide Squad ” we will see the The Dark Knight through the eyes of criminals. Viewers will find out how scary this hero can be.


There are a lot of rumors about exactly how we brought Batman and other DC characters to our film. Let's just say we have an incredibly complex scenario with flashbacks and intersections of several intriguing storylines. Viewers could see some footage from the filming, but hardly anyone will be able to put together this mosaic until the moment the tape appears on the screens”.

The USA release of " Suicide Squad " will be released on August 4 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman