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Bad Boys Coming to TV

Image While moviegoers are wondering if they'll ever see a sequel to Bad Boys, the franchise looks set to get its second wind on the small screens. According to the portal Deadline, the television spin-off of the film series, the main character of which will be the well-known special agent Burnett, has gone into work.

Actress Gabrielle Union has already agreed to return to the role of Sidney Burnett, first introduced in Bad Boys II. She is the sister of Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), had an affair with Will Smith, and is a highly successful undercover agent working for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The show has no name yet, but it is known that franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Sony Pictures are involved in its creation. Brandon Margulis and Brandon Zonnier, who previously worked together on Blacklist, are writing the script for the new series. The project has already been sent to several television networks for consideration and will probably soon find shelter on one of the major channels.


Over the years, Sony had been preparing the Bad Boys triquel, but the film's fate was in jeopardy. According to Martin Lawrence, the third part is unlikely to ever see the light of day, largely due to Will Smith's involvement in other projects. Jerry Bruckheimer is more optimistic, and only time will tell which of them is right.

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