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Casting: Drug Dealer Father and Dangerous Girls

Image Last year it became known that the company Studio 8 was engaged in the creation of a film about a schoolboy drug dealer White Boy Rick ( "White Boy Rick" *). The main role in the project is still vacant, but, according to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the cast of the film is beginning to form.

According to the source, Matthew McConaughey is negotiating to take part in the filming of the tape. The director's chair for the project was given to Jan Demanzh ("71").

The film will be based on the true story of Richard Versh , a teenage-turned-influential drug dealer in Detroit in the 1980s. True, the boy's criminal activities quickly ended when, at the age of 17, Richard was sentenced to life imprisonment for the eight kilograms of cocaine found on him. If the negotiations are successful, McConaughey will play the father of Versh .

Among the upcoming premieres starring Matthew are the drama "Gold" and the long-awaited screen version of "The Dark Tower", the release of which was recently postponed until next summer.


Awesomeness Films will adapt Teresa Toten 's teen novel Beware That Girl ( Beware of That Girl *) , which has been compared to “Gone Girl” and “Girl on the Train”. The main role in the film is claimed by El Fanning ("Maleficent"). The director and screenwriter for the project has not been found yet.

This psychological thriller is set in a private school in Manhattan. Two girls arrange a game of cat and mouse with each other, manipulating each other. Kate is a scholarship student and makes ends meet by making friends with wealthy classmates. Olivia is an Upper East Side fashionista with a dark past. However, when a charming and handsome teacher appears at the school, everything secret becomes clear ...


The upcoming actress Sidney Park , who will soon appear in The Walking Dead , has a role in the horror movie Wish Upon ( Make a Wish *), where she will accompany Joey King, Sherilyn Fenn, Ryan Philip and Elizabeth Rem.

The 16-year-old loser Claire ( King ), who once finds a magic box that can grant wishes, will be in the center of the events of the tape. She soon realizes that the price for such magic can be deadly ... Park will play Meredith - one of the best friends of Claire . The director of the film is John R. Leonetti (“The Curse of Annabelle”).

* -preliminary translation.

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