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”Transformers 5” got a knight and a four-legged actress

Image In the middle of last month, Paramount Pictures announced that the fifth installment of Transformers will receive the subtitle The Last Knight . According to Collider , Anthony Hopkins , who is the real owner of the honorary British title, signed up to take part in the creation of the blockbuster. The Knights Bachelor was awarded the " Oscar " award by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993.

Representatives of the studio have not yet clarified whether director Michael Bay plans to use Hopkins on the set, or whether the eminent actor will have to present his voice to some Autobot or Decepticon. Insiders tend to think that this is the first option.

Bay is not the first time inviting actors of this status to appear in films about giant robots. For example, in "The Age of Extermination," Academy Award nominees Stanley Tucci and Mark Wahlberg appeared on the screens, and Oscar-winning Jon Voight played in the opening film of the US Secretary of Defense.


Another newcomer to the franchise will be the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Freya , recognized by the British tabloid Mirror as the loneliest dog in the UK. The inhabitant of the Liverpool animal shelter suffers from epilepsy, which is why she has been unable to find owners for six years. An article about Freya caught the eye of Bay , who not only gave the dog a role in Transformers 5 , but promised to find a new home for her.


The blockbuster will appear on USA screens on June 22, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman