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US Boxing Office: Captain Jack Sparrow is not the same

Image Last spring weekend ( May 26-28 ) in the North American box office was held under the banner of "Pirates of the Caribbean". But, despite all the jokes and antics of Captain Jack Sparrow , the interest in him on the part of US moviegoers has significantly diminished.

Fifth installment of the popular franchise started at the box office with the amount of $ 62.2 million . Surely the creators of the sequel were counting on more, because only on its shooting was spent $ 230 million . Compared to the previous films in the series, the third at one time started with $ 139.8 million , and the fourth - with $ 90.2 million . At least for now, Disney can be comforted by the fact that the new Pirates of the Caribbean helped the studio break the $ 1 billion mark in home boxing office this year.

On the other hand, the franchise has long been targeting viewers from all over the world, and they, unlike the Americans, did not let Captain Sparrow down, giving him $ 208.4 million on the first weekend ... And if in the US box office a fifth is unlikely to cross the milestone of $ 300 million , then its results outside North American cinemas will be interesting to look at.


As for the feedback from the professional community, Pirates of the Caribbean , apart from the first film, has never been in favor with critics, and the next sequel was no exception. The audience did not stint, giving the film Espen Sandberg and Joaquim Ronning a high score A- , but the reviewers smashed the directors' creation to smithereens.

According to critics, Dead Men Tell No Tales is proof that the franchise should be left alone and buried at the bottom of the ocean. The fifth part, in which only Kaya Scodelario seems to remember about acting, was unnecessary. With the script they had on hand, Sandberg and Ronning did a good job. Events in the tape develop quite quickly, not letting the viewer get bored while watching, but this is where the positive moments, perhaps, end. The picture does not offer movie fans anything new, and Johnny Depp's charisma and signature antics are already boring and do not please as before.


On the next line of the top 5 are the second Guardians of the Galaxy , having lost 43% of the audience in a week. After a month at the box office, Marvel blockbuster continues to attract new viewers, who this time left in the movie box $ 19.9 million . Now the home box office of the film comic strip James Gunn is $ 333.2 million , and in the world box office he earned all $ 783.3 million , surpassing the result of the first "Guardians Galaxies "and took the fifth place in this indicator among all the screen versions of Marvel .


Another newcomer could not cope with Guardians of the Galaxy - the comedy Rescuers Malibu , a remake of the once popular TV series, began its trip to theaters with a depressing $ 18. 1 million . It is noteworthy that before the premiere of the film Seth Gordon was expected to start with $ 45 million , but after the appearance of devastating reviews from critics, the tape's chances of success significantly decreased. Now that it has become clear that the comedy will not be able to recoup its budget of $ 69 million at home, Paramount is counting on viewers from other countries, where the remake will premiere next week. .

Although it is difficult to hope for success after reviewers called the new Malibu Rescuers an unfunny parody of the series of the same name. Rather, the filmmakers tried to make it funny, but their jokes below the belt are clearly not intended for the average viewer. The remake falls short of the bar set by the original, although the female audience will surely appreciate how many times Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron bare their muscular bodies on screen.


The blockbuster " Alien: Covenant " has dropped to the fourth line, having lost 71% of the audience in a week. On its second weekend, Ridley Scott grossed just $ 10.5 million , and has an estimated US record of $ 57.3 million . Non-American viewers were more loyal to the next Alien prequel - they provided the film with income of $ 101 million , which, given the considerable budget of $ 97 million , saves Covenant from financial failure.


Closes the five strongest teenage melodrama " This whole world ", which added to the asset $ 6.2 million . In two weeks at the box office, the film Stella Mega managed to double its ten millionth production budget, collecting a total of $ 21.5 million .

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