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Pixar won't succumb to sequel fever

Image Despite the fact that modern cinema is experiencing a fashion for franchises, not all Hollywood producers and directors are ready to sacrifice quality in order to launch sequels to their popular films as soon as possible. The employees of the Pixar company can be counted among such artists.

Last year, the famous animation studio released for the first time a cartoon that failed to recoup the costs of its creation: "The Good Dinosaur" managed to earn about $ 332 million with a budget of $ 175-200 million ... The recent launch of the animated film Finding Dory once again proved that the already promoted franchises have some advantage over the original films. Everything goes to the fact that the sequel "Finding Nemo" for the third week in a row will keep the leadership in the North American box office and will be able to get ahead of such high-profile novelties as "Big and kind giant" and "Tarzan. Legend".

Although several sequels can be found in the current Pixar release schedule, the studio's management does not intend to exploit only the well-known characters of the cartoon characters, but will continue to delight viewers with new ideas. “As soon as a movie is successful at the box office, most companies will immediately launch its sequel, - said President of Pixar Jim Morris interview with Entertainment Weekly . -We only prefer to shoot sequels if the original director has some really worthwhile ideas for the next chapter of the story.


Director of Puzzle Pete Docter is currently working on a brand new project. Brad Bird is on the sequel to The Incredibles, so we didn't even talk about the prospects for the second part of his Ratatouille. “WALL-E” occupies a special place in my heart, because while working on it I performed producer functions. Personally, I would be interested to see how people put things in order on the planet, but I understand very well that the original was a whole story with a beginning, middle, ending and a big heart. In the near future we are unlikely to be engaged in the continuation of all these cartoons”.

Next year, Pixar will delight its fans with two animated films at once - the third part of "Cars" and the novelty "Coco", the script of which will be inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead . In 2018, the characters of the Toy Story franchise will appear on the screens for the fourth time, and a year later the Incredibles 2 will premiere. According to the president of Pixar , there are no more sequels in the studio's plans yet. The premieres of two more cartoons are already planned for 2020, but their names are still kept secret. Morris admitted that both tapes should introduce completely new characters to the audience. Two more original projects Pixar are in their early stages of development and not even included in the official release schedule.


At the moment, the studio has no plans to create sequels of its films such as " Puzzle ", " Ratatouille ", " WALL-E ", “ The Good Dinosaur ”, “Flick's Adventure”, “Brave” and “Up”. Fans of these cartoons should not despair, because one day the talented directors and screenwriters of Pixar may well come up with new stories about the heroes loved by the audience. It is worth remembering that the continuation of the adventures of the fish Dory fans of animation have been waiting for since 2003, and the return of The Incredibles to the screens will take as long as 15 years.

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Author: Jake Pinkman