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Reboot of ”The Curse” has found the director

Image Ghost House Pictures is finally ready to begin work on a new film in the Damnation series. The management of the American studio announced its desire to revive the famous horror franchise in the spring of 2014, when Jeffrey Buechler ("Midnight Express") was appointed as the scriptwriter of the reboot. To the disappointment of the fans of " Curse ", after that the project plunged into an information vacuum for more than three years.

According to Deadline , the bosses of Ghost House Pictures are still eager to reboot the franchise and have even decided on the name of the steering project. The new " Curse " will be staged by the 27-year-old New Yorker Nicholas Pesce , who made his big-screen debut last year with My Mother's Eyes. The low-budget black-and-white horror made a splash at the Sundance Festival and won many accolades in the press. Reportedly, Sand will also have to rework the Buehler script. The details of the reboot plot are still kept secret.


The idea of creating a horror series belongs to Japanese director and screenwriter Takashi Shimizu. The first two films of the franchise were released on video, but this did not prevent them from becoming real hits in the Land of the Rising Sun. In 2002, Shimizu got the long-awaited opportunity to send the next part of "The Curse" to the big screens. Horror was a huge hit in Japan and made it to American cinemas. Soon, Ghost House Pictures offered Takashi to film an English-language remake of his film.

The American version of " The Curse " was released in 2004. The film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar was coldly received by critics, but managed to earn more than $ 187 million at the box office on a modest budget of $ 10 million . Two years later, Shimizu filmed a sequel that failed to replicate the box office success of the first part. As a result, the third film in the franchise was forced to go straight to video.


The premiere date for the " Curses " reboot has not yet been announced.

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