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US Box Office: The X-Men gave the birds an apocalypse

Image In the last weekend of spring ( May 27-29 ), two new, but quite expected leaders appeared in the US box office at once, making Marvel superheroes and grumpy birds down a couple of lines .

First of all, we are talking about the blockbuster " X-Men: Apocalypse ", which started in native cinemas from the mark of $ 65 million . In general, this is exactly the result that 20th Century Fox was expecting, but Days of Future Past earned $ 25 million more in its debut week two years ago.

The critics' rating, which the blockbuster Brian Singer received on the site Rotten Tomatoes , is also upsetting - only 48%. If you do not take into account the picture "X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine ", the rating of " Apocalypse " is the worst among all the films of the X-Men franchise. At the same time, the visitors of cinemas did not stint on positive marks and put the tape on CinemaScore A- .


The painting by Singer evoked mixed feelings among the reviewers. According to some, after watching "Apocalypse" , the films of the Marvel cinematic universe seem to be less ambitious, and DC - more stupid. Other critics in the creation of Singer lacked a certain order - there are too many heroes, and therefore the narrative turned out to be somewhat ragged. If the characters in the blockbuster were as ambiguous as the values for which they fight, then the tape could become a new word in the comic book genre.

The second line was taken by another fairy tale from Disney - " Alice Through the Looking Glass ". But if the blockbuster Singer complains about the starting fees, then the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland" did not live up to expectations at all. So, the sequel finished its debut weekend with a result of $ 28.1 million , while the first part in 2010 at the start raised $ 116.1 million .


Critics were also dissatisfied with "Alice Through the Looking Glass" . Tim Burton was replaced by James Bobin in the director's chair, but he never managed to reproduce the style of the first film. Reviewers have no complaints about the acting - Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter stand out especially. But the script for the sequel and the mission of Alice seem too far-fetched, and therefore what is happening on the screen looks beautiful, but meaningless.

Disney studio intends to further expand the collection of its fabulous films, but will the imminent failure of "Alice Through the Looking Glass" , shot for $ 170 million ?


The leader of the last week - the animation film " Angry Birds in the Movies ", which added $ 18.7 million to its piggy bank, fell to the third line. Now the birds in the nest have $ 66.4 million home fees and $ 223.5 million worldwide. Before the release of the cartoon "Finding Dory", scheduled for mid-June, there are no competitors in its segment for the paintings of Clay Katis and Fergal Reilly , and therefore it is likely that Angry Birds will stay in the top 5 for at least a couple of weeks.


The next position was occupied by Captain America and Iron Man . The blockbuster Captain America: Civil War finished its fourth week at the box office with a score of $ 15.1 million . In total, Marvel superheroes raised $ 372.6 million from movie comic book fans, which allowed them to climb to the top of the list of the highest grossing films in the USA this year.


And the comedy " Neighbors" closes the review of the North American box office. On the warpath 2 ", which earned another $ 9.1 million . The new rival of the main characters, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, and Zac Efron's trademark antics made the sequel quite an interesting sight for those who wish to laugh heartily. The award for the film Nicholas Stoller was $ 38.3 million , collected in two weeks at the box office.

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Author: Jake Pinkman