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Seth Rogen is ready for the new sausage

Image Throughout his career as a producer Seth Rogen has worked on a sequel only once - it was a sequel to the film "Neighbors. On the warpath. " However, this list may be supplemented by one more project. After the animated comedy " Complete Rumble " earned $ 33.6 million at home on its first weekend, Rogen admitted to reporters that he already has I have ideas for the second part.

The Complete Raskolbas tells how the sausages dreamed of knowing the truth about their existence. They wanted to get into the house of people, but when their wish came true, they realized that they were intended only for eating. Thus began the dangerous journey of the sausage, intending to warn its friends of the impending danger ...

In an interview for the portal Fandango Seth Rogen admitted that because of a possible sequel, the project team even had to replace the original ending of the cartoon. It was assumed that in the finale, the main characters will enter our world through the portal, where they will see the actors voicing them. Viewers attending the preview compared the last scenes with Lego. Film ", but it seems that now this idea is left by the producers for the future.


“We decided that if the original final scene was to be the first shot of a sequel, then the audience wouldn't want to see it that way. Overall, we love the idea of a feature film like Who Framed Roger Rabbit because it's one of my favorite films, says Rogen .

Full Raskolbas ” will be released in USA on September 8 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman