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US Box Office Disappointed with DC Superheroes

Image For Justice League, Warner Bros. had high hopes. The blockbuster was supposed to be a confirmation that the major is developing his superhero universe in the right direction. However, the miracle never happened, and the Justice League did not justify even the most pessimistic forecasts.

The past weekend (November 17-19) ended at $ 96 million for the film, and so far this is the worst start in the entire DC universe. In this case, the WB bosses cannot blame the critics for provoking a drop in viewers' interest with their negative reviews. On the contrary, the Justice League rating on Rotten Tomatoes appeared after the premiere. At the same time, moviegoers staged the blockbuster B +. Suicide Squad earned the same rating at one time, and Batman v Superman could only boast a B score.

Over the years, the WB was preparing for the "Justice League", two parts of which were regarded as the climax for the entire universe. Both the already familiar superheroes and newcomers like Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg gathered here, and the studio was going to devote a separate film to each of them in the future. As a result, these plans are likely to be adjusted, since the Justice League will at best follow the path of Godzilla, which started with $ 93 million, and will complete home distribution at the level of $ 200 million.


WB's marketing arm has launched an aggressive promotional campaign that kicked off last year's Comic-Con when the first Justice League video was released. Now journalists estimate the total budget of the blockbuster at $ 300 million (including advertising costs), which means that the picture of Zach Snyder needs to raise about $ 700-750 million in order to bring the WB at least a small profit. And if American viewers are not too zealous to help superheroes financially, then residents of other countries paid $ 185.5 million for watching the tape on the first weekend.


The main claim of moviegoers to "Batman v Superman" was the excessive gloom and abundance of pathos. However, Zach Snyder remained in the director's chair of Justice League, and the script for her was written by the same Chris Terrio. Joss Whedon tried to change the situation, having started large-scale reshoots, but it was no longer possible to improve the project dramatically at this stage. Yes, there were more jokes, and Aquaman and The Flash became their main source, and in general the film surpasses its predecessor in quality, but there is always one "but". After the unusual Wonder Woman, the new Spider-Man and Ragnarok, Snyder's creation is a step back, a return to the already fed up superhero standards. The blockbuster looks interesting thanks to the central characters, but the genre does not stand still, and it's time for the WB bosses to figure it out.


Another newcomer in distribution, the drama "Miracle", started from second place. The film, based on the novel by R.J. Palacio, made $ 27.1 million in its debut weekend, pleasantly surprising distributors. With such a strong competitor as the Justice League, Stephen Chbosky's tape did not get lost and showed an excellent result. Last year, STX tried to release Nearly Seventeen as opposed to Fantastic Beasts, but failed, but Lionsgate succeeded.

"Miracle" is one of the rare occasions when moviegoers gave a movie a top A, and critics are of the same opinion. According to them, Chbosky's painting is a great drama that, although it touches on the themes of bullying and childhood experiences, still does not play on the feelings of the audience.


The leader of the last two weeks, the blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok, has dropped to third place. Its result confirms once again that superhero films should still be released with a difference of at least one month. Without Justice League, the Thor triquel would have earned more than $ 21.8 million and would not have lost 62% of the audience. However, Taiki Waititi's tape already grossed $ 247.4 million at home, and viewers from other countries gilded the Scandinavian god for $ 490.7 million. the superhero genre needs independent filmmakers with a fresh perspective.


The fourth position of the top-5 went to the comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 ”, which sagged by 50% in a week. An additional $ 14.8 million was recorded in her asset, and so far the total amount of $ 50.6 million does not even reach the production budget of the picture ($ 69 million). It is unlikely that the sequel will repeat the achievements of the first part, which completed the North American rental at $ 150 million.


Closes the top five "Murder on the Orient Express", which even the stellar cast and the chic mustache of Hercule Poirot do not save American viewers from indifference, who replenished the piggy bank of the film adaptation for $ 13.8 million. In total, Kenneth Branagh's film raised $ 51.7 million in the USA, but, Fortunately, overseas connoisseurs of Agatha Christie's work were more generous: they spent $ 96.5 million on watching the tape.

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