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One against all

Image Variety has learned that Gold Circle has acquired the rights to film the book by Stephen Harding The Castaway's War: One Man's Battle Against Imperial Japan , which tells an inspiring story of courage and determination.

The original piece is described as a mix of Survivor and Hell in the Pacific.On July 5, 1943, the destroyer USS Strong was hit by a Japanese torpedo, which killed dozens of sailors and set off a fire. Some were picked up by other ships, but one young officer went under water with a sinking destroyer. Thus began the survival story of Lieutenant Hugh Barr Miller . Despite serious injuries, he survived. Together with several sailors Hugh was at sea for three days until they stumbled upon an island occupied by the Japanese. Miller was confident in his imminent death, and therefore ordered the others to move on without him.

However, fate decreed otherwise - Miller 's health improved so much that he was able to go in search of food after seeing the Japanese patrolling the island. Miller wanted to survive, and therefore began to fight the invaders alone. In total, during a small military campaign, the officer managed to eliminate about 30 Japanese soldiers.


The project for Gold Circle will be produced by Paul Brooks. The company's track record includes work on such film series as "Pitch Perfect" and "My Big Greek Wedding", as well as on the romantic comedies "Groom for Rent", "Frozen from Miami" and "Life As It Is."

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