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Spike Lee back to roots

Image Three years ago, director Spike Lee re-shot the acclaimed South Korean thriller Oldboy, and now the two-time Oscar nominee has decided to create a remake of his own film. According to Variety , the online service Netflix ordered from Lee a ten-episode TV adaptation of the tape " She desperately needs it ", with which the director made his debut in the world of big cinema.

The original film celebrated 30 years since its release this August. The film was shot for only $ 175,000 , but managed to earn more than $ 7 million at the American box office and bring Spike several prestigious awards, including a youth jury prize Cannes Film Festival . The success of " She Needs It Badly " has proven that independent films can be profitable and have helped open the way to Hollywood for many black filmmakers.

The main character of the 1986 film was a sexually liberated Brooklyn resident who had to be torn between work, friends and her three lovers.


Reportedly, Spike expects to direct all episodes of the miniseries on his own. His wife Tonya Lewis Lee will share the production functions with the eminent director.

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