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”It” writer will tell horror stories by the fire

Image After the films "It" and "The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil" lightened the pockets of viewers by almost $ 1 billion, screenwriter Gary Doberman became one of the most sought-after authors of the Dream Factory. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the successful filmmaker decided to indulge the audience with another horror movie and agreed to act as a producer and screenwriter for a feature-length film based on the series “Are you afraid of the dark?”.

The pilot of the TV horror anthology premiered on October 31, 1990 on the Canadian channel YTV. The main characters of the series were young participants of the so-called "Society of Night owls", who every week gathered around the fire to share another portion of creepy tales. The show was to the taste not only of the people of the Maple Leaf country, but also of the audience from the United States. Soon, the popular American network Nickelodeon decided to support the television horror. The anthology lasted five seasons, after which it was officially closed.

In 1998, the show's team proposed to Nickelodeon the idea for a full-length version of Are You Afraid of the Dark? The bosses of the channel considered the script of the film too dark and did not dare to give the project the green light. Instead, they made an attempt to reboot the show with new actors, writers and directors. Unfortunately for the fans, the creators of the new version of teleanthology only had enough fuse for two seasons.


The production of the horror film will be handled by the Paramount Players studio. A subsidiary of one of the titans of the modern film industry was created this summer specifically to develop films based on the series and programs of such famous channels as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV.

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