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FX will create ruthless AI

Image Over the past five years, FX has aired American Horror Story and The Strain horror films. which were enthusiastically received by both the public and television critics. It looks like the cable network intends to continue to test the nerves of its viewers. As reported by Collider , the FX bosses have taken over the development of the multi-episode horror " Basilisk " ( Basilisk ).

In the center of the plot of the series will be an atheist university psychotherapist and one of his patients, considered a real computer genius. Soon, the protagonists will find themselves at the center of a conspiracy to awaken a sinister, god-like artificial intelligence ...

The writing team for the project will be led by Curtis Guinn , who already has experience in the horror genre thanks to the cult zombie drama The Walking Dead . Currently, he is a consultant producer for the crime thriller Barygi ( Narcos ).


Producer functions with Guinn will be shared by Hollywood director Francis Lawrence , in whose filmography you can find the film comic strip "Constantine: Lord of Darkness", the fantastic horror "I Am Legend" and three parts of the Hungry games". Francis knows the world of television firsthand: several years ago he took an active part in the creation of the series "Contact" ( Touch ). It is possible that Lawrence will choose to independently stage the pilot episode of Basilisk .

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Author: Jake Pinkman