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Rihanna and Lupita were employed by the Internet community

Image The big studio craze for sequels, remakes and reboots is excellent proof that Hollywood is facing a serious scripting crisis. It is not surprising that in recent years, the workers of the Dream Factory are starting more and more often to look for ideas for new films on the Internet. A year ago, Screen Gems studio began to create a horror movie about Slenderman , and today Entertainment Weekly announced the start of work on a tape based on another popular Internet -meme.

In mid-April, a joint snapshot of the singer Rihanna and the Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o , which was taken back in 2014 during the Paris Fashion Week, appeared on the Web. The photography of socialites quickly became an Internet sensation and prompted social media users to compete in wits.

Thanks to the online community, there are many fun captions for Rihanna and Lupita . Some people even started asking the stars to star in an adventurous comedy together. “ Rihanna looks like she makes a living by cheating wealthy white men,” wrote one girl. " Lupita could play her best friend and also a tough hacker who participates in the organization of dizzying scams."


To the surprise of Twitter users, the movie was first supported by Nyong'o , and then Rihanna joined in. The audience decided that the friends simply decided to play along with a good joke, but after a couple of days, screenwriter Isa Rae (White Crow) and director Ava DuVerney (Selma) began to show an active interest in the project.

As it became known, over the past month, Rihanna , Lupita , Isa and Ava have been actively developing the concept of the future film. The presentation of the project took place in Cannes, where it attracted great interest from the leading Hollywood film companies. The major majors were ready to pay fabulous sums for it, but all their offers were managed to interrupt the online service Netflix . Ray will continue working on the script for the film, and DuVernay looks forward to taking his directorial chair. The management of the streaming giant intends to launch the so far unnamed tape into production as early as next year, when Ava finishes working on the Disney blockbuster A Rift in Time.


It is expected that the creators of the picture will indicate in the credits the names of those users of social networks who gave them the idea to mix Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o on the screen.

The Topic of Article: Rihanna and Lupita were employed by the Internet community.
Author: Jake Pinkman