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Pitt Will Calm The Envious Stiller

Image Ben Stiller and Brad Pitt may seem like a rather unusual creative duo, but the actors have already worked together on the animated film "Megamind" and are now ready for a new joint project.

According to the news portal Variety , Stiller is in talks to get the lead role in the film Brad's Status , which will be produced by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment b>and Pitt's Plan B Entertainment . Filming is to begin in September this year. The director's chair for the project was given to Mike White (Year of the Dog), who is also working on the script.

The film will focus on a man named Brad who, despite a good career and a happy marriage, envies his more successful school friends. Accompanying his son on a college tour, Brad is forced to meet old comrades and tries to come to terms with his own sense of failure.

According to Karla Hagen, President of Sidney Kimmel Entertainment , Ben Stiller has the necessary comedic talent and emotional depth to enable viewers to experience the fate of the film's protagonist.


Stiller recently completed filming for the comedy Yeh Din Ka Kissa, co-starring Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman, and upcoming Brad Pitt production projects include Okja and a sequel "Wars of the Worlds Z".

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Author: Jake Pinkman