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The Russo Brothers on the Nightmare Ship

Image What connects Anthony and Joe Russo , the directors of the sequel and triquel of Captain America, with the Oscar-nominated Oscar-nominated Henry Selick / b>for the cartoon "Coraline in Nightmare Land"? According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , together they will take on the adaptation of the horror game Little Nightmares for television. Such cooperation looks promising, but some problems may arise on its way - the Russo brothers are soon busy in the Marvel cinematic universe, and Henry Selick is already I haven’t taken on new projects for almost ten years.

According to the source, Russo will be engaged in the development of the series and will share the functions of executive producers with Dmitry M. Johnson and Stefan Vladimir Bugai - representatives of the company DJ2 Entertainment , which has recently been engaged in adapting video games for others. spheres of media. As for Celica , he will lead the filming of at least a pilot episode.

The original game, released in April, follows a nine-year-old girl named Sixth who finds herself on the lower level of a ship full of nightmares and monsters and full of various traps. The player must help the heroine to get to the upper deck, but for this they will have to avoid meeting the terrible inhabitants of the ship, having only a lighter and a yellow raincoat in stock.


Video game adaptations have always been risky, but the involvement of such talented filmmakers as the Russo and Henry Celik brothers on the project inspires confidence. Anthony and Joe are currently filming Infinity War, and Celica has a track record of Coraline in Nightmareland, there are films "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "James and the Giant Peach" and "Monkey Bone".

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Author: Jake Pinkman