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Will Tyler return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Image Last year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe made history as the first franchise to earn over $ 10 billion worldwide. The creators of the film series spent only a little over eight years to conquer this fabulous sum.

A huge role in the success of the superhero universe was played by the fact that the plots of all its films are closely intertwined. The leadership of the studio Marvel was not embarrassed even by the forced change of the role played by Bruce Banner . The fact that The Incredible Hulk remains part of the official canon became clear last year, when the film company decided to use Thaddeus Ross performed by William Hurt in its blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. It is possible that soon the studio will also return to the screens Betty Ross , whose image in " The Incredible Hulk " embodied Liv Tyler .

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are currently preparing for the filming of Avengers: Infinity War. Part 1 ". Yesterday, many British publications announced that the creators of the blockbuster can do most of the work on location in Scotland. On this occasion, the newspaper Daily Record decided to publish an article on the impact of filming an expensive movie comic strip on the country's economy of endless plains, picturesque lakes and ancient castles. This material also listed several of the film's actors. To the surprise of many Marvel fans, Liv Tyler was added to this list.


At one time, the Russo brothers either jokingly or seriously announced that nearly seven dozen comic book characters would take part in the events of " Infinity War ". It is possible that the already stellar cast of one of the key films of Phase Three may indeed be replenished with Liv Tyler . However, the official representatives of the studio and the actress herself prefer to refrain from commenting.

The USA premiere of Infinity War will take place on May 3, 2018 .

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