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Viking, Queens and Pigs: Watch This Week

Image In the last week of 2016, three premieres will open in our cinemas: December 29 Viking Kozlovsky will burst onto the screens with a bloody story of revenge, as it was imagined in the early Middle Ages, and he will be accompanied by The Snow Queenand three happy pigs. Next Sunday, on the first day of the year 2017, domestic film fans will be able to delight themselves with three more films, and all of them in one way or another will be associated with winter or holidays.

So, Viking . The epic film directed by Andrei Kravchuk, famous for the historical drama "Admiral", tells about Prince Vladimir , who will have to overcome many physical obstacles, defeat the horde of inner demons and deal with his family affairs before he goes down in history as the same baptist of USA. The film will be released in two versions: with ratings 18+ and 12+, but the second, as the creators say, will be shorter than the first by only a few minutes.


It is curious that Danila Kozlovsky was approved for the main role back in 2012, when he had not yet starred in his most successful projects. Meanwhile, the producer of Viking Konstantin Ernst is confident that the role of Prince Vladimir will be the best in the career of one of the most popular USA actors of our time.

If you are planning to spend New Year's holidays with your children, you can take them to the movies for the third part of the USA animation franchise The Snow Queen , directed by Alexey Tsitsilin. The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice is a continuation of the adventures of Kai, Gerda , the pirates Alfida , the troll Orma and fluffy caress Loot .

Dubbed trailer

Having defeated the evil antagonist, our heroes went on a promotional tour of cities and towns. During one of the trips, Gerda meets the Spanish macho Rolland , who persuades her to go in search of a magical artifact that fulfills all wishes. Of course, something in this mission will go wrong, and at some point the main character will find in her body the Snow Queen, and the Spanish macho will turn into a fiery messenger. Note that the budget of the animated comedy amounted to no less than 975 million rubles.

ImageFans of light French comedies December 29 at "3 Happy Little Pigs" will be waiting for our cinemas. True, this film is not about four-legged friends of man, but about brothers from the project “3 Lustful Piglets”, which was released in 2007 and delighted the audience with a subtle, albeit rather frank humor. The sequel directed by Jean-Francois Poulet raises a question that is relevant at all times - why is it so necessary for even overage men to commit various extravagances from time to time? The French have one answer to this - because there are women around. It is impossible to finally settle down and try to meet your old age with dignity when there are so many beauties around. Life is so short Why should you deny yourself pleasure? "3 Lucky Little Pigs" will teach you how to be a family man, but not get depressed from the abundance of overwhelming obligations.


Another animated franchise will remind of itself already on January 1 : the cartoon “Three Heroes and the Sea King” will tell about new fascinating adventures of characters well known to many young viewers. According to the plot, the heroes, tired of domestic problems, decide to unwind, quickly driving them to Gorynych to China for the dragon's tooth. On the way, they learn that Kiev“disappeared under the water column”. The heroes will have to postpone their journey and do really important things - chase mermaids and look for the treasures of the Sea King . In addition to other not entirely obvious advantages, this picture has a funny slogan, one might say, characterizing the state of the domestic mainstream cinema in general -"Welcome to the bottom!".

ImageConvinced New Year's sadheads will also not be left without a gift from distributors. To produce his independent film, Christmas Again , director Charles Pockel traded Christmas trees for five years. Actually, the main character of the film will also trade in Christmas trees. Shy Noel is the owner of a small shop on one of the streets of Brooklyn Greenpoint. He looks with sad eyes at the surrounding Christmas bustle, not counting on any semblance of a miracle."Christmas Sucks!", his friend tells him emphatically, and Noel just sighs back. But one day, the main character finds a girl who has lost consciousness in the park,
And finally, starting from January 1 , the Italian fantasy comedy A Winter's Tale, or the Queen Who Lost a Name will be released in limited release, the main character of which is a middle-aged woman named Regina , while away the long winter evenings in the company of his only friend - a white chicken. Her heart has turned to stone, and her "castle" (a small hotel for weary travelers) is literally falling apart in pieces. As in the case with Noel , everything changes when a creature of the opposite sex appears on the doorstep in a cute yellow down jacket and with very specific intentions - to make the Queen smile at least once.

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