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Desert of Death

Image Although the film "Live" received conflicting reviews from critics and started from only fourth place in the North American box office, the leadership of the studio Sony intends to continue to indulge the public with sci-fi thrillers about alien creatures. Deadline has learned that the Hollywood major has acquired the rights to create a film based on the short film Fragment .

The screenplay will be written by the creators of the original 9-minute short film Noah Griffith and Daniel Stewart. Young authors do not yet have experience in big cinema, but they are already quite familiar with the genre of action-packed thriller. Griffith and Stewart are currently part of the writing team for the TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel The Mist, which is set to premiere on Spike this year.

The authors themselves call their upcoming film project a mixture of Predator and the cult TV series Lost. The main character of their short film was a military pilot who came to his senses in the middle of the desert. He soon discovers the wreckage of his plane and tries to get in touch with the command post. When his radio installation suddenly catches a strange signal, the pilot begins to suspect that a mysterious guest from another planet could have been involved in the fall of the fighter ...


Josh Bratman ("Fright Night") will be involved in the production of the film.

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