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Serious passions are raging in the US box office

Image Last weekend (September 29 - October 1) a serious battle unfolded for the title of the best in the North American box office. Three films competed for the first place at the same time, and in the end they were separated by only a few hundred thousand dollars.

Surprisingly, the horror movie "It" managed to regain its leadership position. Last weekend, Andres Muschetti's painting lost the crown to British spies, but this weekend has proven that Pennywise does not give up so easily. "It" finished the week with a result of $ 17.3 million, and now its home box office is $ 291.2 million. The horror grossed a little less outside the USA: overseas viewers brought $ 262 million to the film box.

Considering that It earned half a billion dollars in less than a month, New Line's desire to consolidate this success is understandable. Muschetti's film is only the first part of the planned dilogy, and in the second the audience will have to meet the already matured Losers. Recently, the sequel has got a premiere date: it will take place on September 6, 2019.


The second position in the top 5 in a difficult struggle was snatched by a new film with the participation of Tom Cruise, the action movie "Made in America". And although the next joint project of Cruz and director Doug Lyman managed to impose competition on neighbors at the box office, its result cannot be called excellent. The film about pilot Barry Seale ended its first weekend with a sum of $ 17.01 million. In recent years, only Jack Reacher has shown the worst start of any movie starring Cruise.


The main problem with Made in America is seen by many as Universal's stingy with promoting the film. No red carpets featuring Cruz or ubiquitous ads - the major hoped for good reviews and word of mouth. As you can see, this was not enough. When there are shows like Breaking Bad and Barygi on small screens, the viewer needs to be interested in another story about drug trafficking, which Universal did not do.

Critics appreciated Lyman's creation, who, to a certain extent, managed to shoot a film where Tom Cruise does not overshadow everyone and everything. Of course, his Barry Seal is a central character, and the Hollywood actor makes full use of his charm and charisma to create the image of a dishonest pilot. As a result, the duet, familiar from the time of "The Edge of the Future", has turned out a worthy entertaining movie, sometimes funny, and in some places - very intense.


On the third line was the leader of the last week, the blockbuster "Kingsman: The Golden Ring". The film by Matthew Vaughn had to make room for the first line, and an important role in this was played by a 56% drop in viewership. Such figures, however, are the norm for representatives of the genre, but in the presence of strong competitors, they play a decisive role. If the sequel made its debut in the United States better than the first part, then after a two-week stay at the box office it already lags behind it. Last weekend, an additional $ 17 million went to the action's asset, and its total earnings now amount to $ 66.7 million. Viewers from other countries, who have brought $ 126.2 million to the spies' piggy bank, are helping the movie to recoup its $ 104 million budget.
The "Golden Ring" meets the standards set by the first part, but going to the cinema, the Americans probably hoped to get something more original. As a result - all the same action, brutality brought to the limit, a lot of blood and sexism. Now the sequel will have to work hard to reach the financial heights of the Secret Service.


The fourth line is occupied by the only representative of the family genre, the LEGO Ninjago Film animation. She just can't reach her predecessors: while the spin-off of the popular franchise has $ 35.6 million, of which $ 12 million is the catch of the past weekend. The creators of the cartoon fell into the usual trap for such film series, when sophisticated viewers see secondary in everything. Ninjago Movie does not offer the audience anything completely new, so while watching it, it feels like an hour and a half LEGO commercial is being shown on the screen.


The next Hollywood remake closes the top 5: the thriller "Flatulets", which is a reboot and sequel to the film of the same name in 1990, has mastered only $ 6.7 million at the start. for more. The Major as a whole has no luck with various remakes. One has only to remember the negative public reaction to the new "Ghostbusters". However, "Flatulers" surpassed them: at the moment, the rating of the picture on Rotten Tomatoes is a humiliating 3%.

The film was not saved either by the talented Danish Nils Arden Oplev, who sat in the director's chair, or by the return of the original star Kiefer Sutherland. Having an unsuccessful script on hand, it is difficult to create something worthwhile, and even more so to improve the movie of the 90s loved by many. The only joy is the cast of "Komatoznikov". Although they do not reach the charisma of Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon, they cope with the task. True, they were unable to save the project, which was initially doomed to failure.

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Author: Jake Pinkman