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Rennie Harlin stays in China

Image The rapid development of the Chinese film market has led to the fact that many eminent directors began to move from Hollywood to the Celestial Empire. Finn Rennie Harlin turned out to be one of those who decided to take the chance to revive their careers with the help of Asian investors.

Harlin's career in America started off remarkably well. At the turn of the 80s and 90s, he shot the fourth part of the film series A Nightmare on Elm Street, the sequel to Die Hard and the action movie Rock Climber. The black streak in the work of Rennie came in 1995, when he released the film "Isle of Thugs". An action-adventure action game with a huge budget of $ 98 million at the time earned a measly $ 10 million and became the main reason for the bankruptcy of Carolco Pictures .

Since then, Harlin's Hollywood career has had more downs than ups. After his 2014 fantasy film Hercules: The Beginning of a Legend crashed at the box office and earned a derogatory 3% rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes , Rennie decided to try his luck in the Middle Kingdom.


The first project of Harlin in China was the action movie "Reckless Partners" with Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville and Bingbing Fan in the lead roles. Although the film did not generate much critical acclaim, it managed to successfully recoup the costs of its creation. According to financial analysts, in the Middle Kingdom alone, the $ 32 million action game has raised more than $ 136 million .

Quite naturally, after such a success, Harlin decided to stay in Asia. He recently completed filming for the fantasy adventure Legend of the Ancient Sword, and today The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Rennie will continue his collaboration with Chinese studios on two more films.


The announcement of the projects of Harlin and the companies Shanghai Film Group and Shanghai New Wave Films took place at the Shanghai International Film Festival taking place these days ... One of the films was written by Anthony Jazwinski, author of last year's thriller, The Shoal. Details of the plot of the tape with the title " The Hanging Coffin" ( The Hanging Coffin ) are still kept secret. We only know that the action-adventure promises to be a pleasant surprise for fans of extreme sports and tomb raider stories.

The filmography of Harlin will also be replenished with the action movie Operation Somalia "( Operation Somalia ). The tape with a preliminary budget of $ 30 million will tell viewers about the operation of the Chinese special services to free the hostages of the Somali pirates.


Filming for the Chinese response to Captain Phillips is expected to begin next spring.

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