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Great Combinator

Image Films about clever swindlers and their cunning machinations always arouse great interest among viewers. As reported by Variety , the American studio Silvatar Media decided to tell movie fans about the amazing adventures of Victor Lustig , who is rightfully considered one of the greatest swindlers in the history of mankind .

It was decided to entrust the director's chair of the tape with the provisional title “ Eiffel ” to Timo von Gunten . The Swiss's career is developing at the fastest pace: last month his short film "Woman and TGV" was nominated for the " Oscar " award, and now the young director has a chance to work in Hollywood.

Victor Lustig was born in 1890 in Austria-Hungary. Thanks to the knowledge of several languages and the basics of psychology, an enterprising young man began to turn all kinds of scams in different parts of Europe. For several years, Lustig successfully traded counterfeit machines for printing banknotes, pretended to be the heir to the count's title and carried out scams with shares, but he was especially proud of the legendary deal, thanks to which he received the nickname Man, who sold the Eiffel Tower .


In 1925, Victor read a newspaper article that Paris could not afford to maintain the Eiffel Tower. Lustig decided to pretend to be a representative of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs, who was allegedly tasked with finding a contractor to dismantle the building. The fraudster's idea didn't seem so crazy at all, since the Eiffel Tower was originally conceived as a temporary structure.

As a result, Lustig managed to sell the rights to utilize one of the main attractions of the French capital to businessman Andre Poisson . When the deception was finally revealed, the businessman chose not to contact the gendarmerie. Poisson felt that his reputation would be further damaged if this story was made public. Lustig made another attempt to sell the rights to dismantle the Eiffel Tower , but this time his victim managed to uncover the scam.


Eiffel will be produced by Chadi Eli Mattar (Pyramid).

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Author: Jake Pinkman