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US Boxing Office: Madea Left Professor Langdon Fools

Image If the viewer believes that the franchise does not need to be continued, the next part of it almost always fails at the box office. In the case of " Inferno ", it is still too early to talk about failure, but the results of the first weekend ( October 28-30 ) were disappointing for the picture - it performed worse than expected, and could not take the lead in the US box office from the old lady Madea .

Comedy " Halloween Madei " lost 41.5% of its audience in a week, which did not prevent it from staying in the first place in the financial rating. Another $ 16.7 million went to the piggy bank of the tape Tyler Perry , who not only led the shooting of the film, but also played three characters in it at once. The audience generously rewarded him for his efforts - at home the movie has already earned $ 52 million with a budget of $ 20 million .

If the public reacted favorably to the next part of the film series about Madey , then most critics blew the tape to smithereens. In their opinion, it is time for the old woman to retire, because after a dozen films about her, the franchise can no longer surprise with anything new, as well as Tyler Perry , who writes scripts and composes jokes himself.


Professor Robert Langdon was even less fortunate - distributors and journalists were betting on Inferno this weekend, but Ron Howard made money on $ 10 million less than projected. Only $ 15 million received the third part of the franchise, and this amount is three times less than the debut result of "Angels and Demons" ( $ 46.2 million ) and very far from the "Code da Vinci "( $ 77 million ).


Critics were also not delighted with the tape, for the most part they called "Inferno" boring. No, the film is still capable of captivating the viewer, and Felicity Jones fits perfectly into the role of Langdon's new combat girlfriend , but the triquel turned out to be more of an entertainment movie, and not a thriller, which was The Da Vinci Code " .

However, Sony still has hope for overseas viewers - outside the US, Inferno has already raised a decent $ 132.7 million . In addition, the major secured himself by allocating $ 75 million for the shooting of the third part, which is half the budget of Angels and Demons . True, a disappointing picture looms for the director Ron Howard - his latest films ("In the Heart of the Sea", "Race") tend to fail at the box office.


The third place was taken by the sequel to "Jack Reacher" - the adaptation of yet another book that failed to attract the audience's attention. Last weekend brought the film Edward Zwick $ 9.6 million , and so far he has only $ 39.7 million with a budget of $ 60 million . The only thing critics say the second part has to offer is Tom Cruise. True, the entire timekeeping has to wonder if the hour Reacher is Ethan Hunt's twin brother, their impossible missions are too similar.


The fourth position was taken by the thriller " Payback ", which earned an additional $ 8.5 million . The results of the tape starring Ben Affleck are quite tolerable - $ 61.3 million at home and $ 20.7 million outside the United States. Those who looked at the picture, however, did not like the fact that the creation of Gavin O'Connor begins quite cheerfully and unbeatable, but in the end it all comes down to a banal denouement.


The only representative of the horror genre in North American cinemas closes the top five, the next sequel is the horror film “ Ouija. The curse of the devil's board ". Fans to tickle their nerves have brought to their piggy bank the paintings of Mike Flanagan another $ 7.1 million , and now she can boast the amount of $ 24.6 million , three times more its production budget ( $ 9 million ). It is curious that of all the films presented in the top 5, The Curse of the Devil's Board received the best rating from critics, who considered the horror to be truly frightening and very thoughtful spectacle.

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Author: Jake Pinkman