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Danny McBride: ”I'm in charge of the Covenant”

Image It was announced in February that Danny McBride might be joining the cast of Alien: Covenant . Then the Hollywood publications assigned the actor the role of a ship mechanic, designed to dilute the life of the crew with jokes and witticisms. Today, when the shooting of Ridley Scott's new film comes to an end, the film world has the opportunity to learn about the role of Danny firsthand. In an interview with the portal Rolling Stone , the actor spoke about his character, the special effects of the film and working with its renowned director.

I am the pilot of the Colonization Ship The Covenant and I am in charge on board. We are looking for a planet to start life on, ”noted McBride . Regarding the special effects of the upcoming film, the performer of the role of the commander of the spacecraft said the following: “When subscribing to participate in the film, I did not know how fantastic landscapes and characters would be created. Now I can say that most of the effects are practical. When you run from an alien, you are really running from a person dressed in an alien costume. Everything happens not against the background of a green canvas, but in real large-scale decorations".


For the comedian McBride and the serious film director Scott , the work on the sequel to Prometheus was the first collaboration. According to Danny , he is impressed by the methods of the filmmaker: “We do a lot in short periods of time - he shoots all the scenes with four cameras, and has an endless supply of energy. This is why we are progressing through the material very quickly. On my first day of shooting, colleagues tried to scare me: they said that Ridley gives the actors two, maximum three takes. But I like this approach, it keeps me in good shape: “You only have two attempts, man. Kindly don't miss it ”” ...


Alien: Covenant , featuring Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Catherine Waterston, alongside McBride , will hit the screens on August 3, 2017 .

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