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”True Lies” Goes to TV

Image After the release of the comedy action movie "True Lies" in 1994, fans of James Cameron's work wondered for a long time if the filmmaker wanted to shoot a sequel to the film. At one time, the director considered the idea of creating a sequel, but abandoned it after the September 11 tragedy. In addition, Cameron's attention was ultimately taken over by Avatar, and it seemed that the future of True Lies was given up.

The audience may never see the sequel to the tape, but the new version of the story about a spy hiding his profession from his family has a right to exist. Deadline reports that FOX has commissioned a script for a pilot for the series based on the plot of True Lies.

Mark Guggenheim, whose name is well known to TV series fans thanks to Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, will take on the writing of the text. The new project will be a modern version of the story of a suburban couple struggling to get over the news that one of the spies is a spy. James Cameron himself will take part in the work on the show, although his contribution may be minimal due to the director's employment on the set of the new "Avatars". Another producer will be McG, who previously collaborated with FOX on Lethal Weapon. He will lead the filming of the pilot episode if the channel approves his script.


This is not the first time James Cameron's ideas have found shelter on small screens. Almost ten years ago, based on the Terminator saga, the series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was shot, but it was closed after the second season due to low ratings. Hopefully, the new version of True Lies can still find its way into the hearts of the audience.

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Author: Jake Pinkman