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Dark Justice League to Become a Cartoon

Image Next month, Warner Bros. will be bringing Batman: The Killing Joke to the public at Comic-Con in San Diego. Shortly thereafter, the film adaptation of the famous graphic novel by Alan Moore will go on sale.

According to ComicBook , British Film Classification Commission has listed a preview of the cartoon adaptation of Dark Justice League ". This news caused a lot of questions from fans of the DC universe, because the film company for several years has been working on a feature film about the adventures of such popular heroes as the demon Etrigan , Specter, Dead , Swamp Thing , Zatanna and Constantine .


In early 2013, Guillermo del Toro was listed as the director of the film " Dark Universe ", but a year ago he was forced to leave the project due to a busy work schedule. In an interview with The Daily Beast , the filmmaker stressed that the bosses of WB have a script ready. “The studio executives liked the last draft, said Guillermo . -They were ready to put the film into production, but they set a pretty tight deadline. Since by that time I had already planned to shoot the sequel to “Pacific Rim”, I was faced with an extremely difficult choice. Ultimately I had to give up the “ Dark Universe”.

del Toro subsequently gave up the director's chair for Pacific Rim 2 to Stephen S. DeKnight, but WB managed to return him to the Dark League adaptation justice "only as a producer. In November last year, there were rumors that Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Monica Bellucci and Ron Perlman were claiming the main roles in the film, but to date, representatives of the studio have not commented on this information. The directors of the film company are in no hurry to officially confirm the news of the launch of the animated version of the comic into production.


It should be noted that the possible start of work on the cartoon does not necessarily indicate the cancellation of the game version. It cannot be ruled out that the bosses of a major just want to gauge the reaction of viewers to a team of superheroes with mystical powers before giving the green light to the costly " Dark Universe ". WB already has a similar experience: in 2014, the audience warmly received the animated film Batman: Attack on Arkham, so the studio decided to bring its key characters to the big screens in the blockbuster Suicide Squad.

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Author: Jake Pinkman