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Uninvited guests will ruin the new wedding

Image Hollywood continues to return to the screens the characters of the comedies popular in the last decade. Already at the beginning of next month, the second part of "Bad Santa" will be released in USA, and now rumor has swept through the Dream Factory that the example of the swindler Willie Stokes may soon be followed by the heroes of the film Uninvited Guests".

Talk that David Dobkin's film could get a sequel arose immediately after the completion of its theatrical release. In the summer of 2005, the movie with a $ 40 million budget managed to earn more than $ 285 million , after which American studios became much more willing to shoot comedies with a rating of R . In the autumn of the same year, information appeared that Steve Faber and Bob Fisher would return to work on the script for the second part of the story about those who like to walk at other people's weddings, but in the end it was never confirmed.

Over the years, The Crashers starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have starred in the comedy Shots, which some critics have called the informal sequel to the 2005 box office hit.


Now the picture Dobkin is finally close to getting an official sequel. Isla Fisher shared information about him in a conversation with the hosts of the TV show "Today" ( Today ). “I recently met Vince Vaughn who revealed that“ The Intruders ”will have a sequel, the actress said. -I would really like to know what happened to my heroine, but I still cannot say if the question of filming the second part has been finally resolved. ”


Fans of the original comedy can only hope that the official announcement of Intruders 2 will be just a matter of time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman