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The Ogre Who Seduced Me

Image This summer we announced that DreamWorks Animation has started work on the fifth cartoon about the adventures of Shrek . Now the publication The Hollywood News has learned the name of the screenwriter, who has to find a way to bring the green ogre back to the screens.

The plot of the new part of the fairy tale will be composed by Michael McCullers . DreamWorks executives chose Michael for a reason, as he already has experience working with one of the main stars of the animation franchise. McCullers and actor Mike Myers, who gave his voice to Shrek , have known each other since working on the second film in the Austin Powers series.

In recent years, McCullers has managed to put his talent to work in the world of animation. A couple of years ago, he helped finalize the plot of The Adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, after which animation studios began to invite him to the position of the main author. Recently Michael finished work on the cartoon "The Boss Baby", and his immediate plans are to create a script for the third part of "Monsters on Vacation".


Seven years ago, the leadership of DreamWorks promised that the painting "Shrek Forever" would put an end to the story of the kindhearted giant. However, this year the company took over the corporation NBCUniversal , whose bosses decided that " Shrek " has not yet exhausted its potential. The first four cartoons based on the children's story by William Steig earned about $ 3 billion at the box office.


Shrek is expected to return to screens in 2019. Representatives of DreamWorks have not yet announced whether this is a direct sequel to the original quadrology, or whether the audience will be waiting for a reboot of the famous animated series.

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