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Akira is eyeing the director of Ragnarok

Image For years, Warner Bros. tries to film the adaptation of the cult manga Katsuhiro Otomo "Akira". Over the 15 years that have passed since the purchase of the rights by the major, the project has changed many directors and actors who were going to take part in the filming. The last time news of an adaptation hit, the studio bosses had their eyes on Jordan Peel as he was reaping the rewards of the success of his horror movie Get Out. Peel declined, however, citing his desire to focus on making the original films, and Warner Bros. has invited Taika Waititi to take the post of director, as reported by the portal Deadline.

The New Zealand director, best known for the comedy horror film Real Ghouls, may seem like an odd choice for Akira, as the original manga combines the dark atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world with action. However, Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Waititi, is one of the most anticipated films of this fall, and judging by the promo materials, viewers will see a colorful and epic blockbuster with a decent dose of humor.

The original manga has six volumes, and an anime based on it was filmed in 1988. Warner Bros. there have always been two films, each of which will be devoted to three volumes of history. True, according to the source, the action of the film adaptation from New Tokyo will be transferred to America. The events will unfold in Manhattan, rebuilt after the disaster, where the leader of a biker group will save a friend from medical experiments.


The project is still produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way. If negotiations with Waititi end successfully, he will first go to the filming of the dramedy Jojo Rabbit, and then he will turn his attention to Akira.

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Author: Jake Pinkman