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Oscar 2017: No Country for Old Men?

Image Hollywood and Academy of Film are again in trouble, this time related to the age of the nominees for the main film award: according to IndieWire , a study of 25 nominee films in the last three years showed that more than out of a thousand characters, only 12% are elderly people 60 and older. Moreover, most often retirees are played by white (90%) men (78%)! So last year's #OscarsSoWhite tag has changed to #OscarsSoYoung , and the show continues.

If you look at the statistics, you won't see any problem: retirees make up about 19% of the American population, almost the same number of them go to cinemas. However, according to modern producers, inattention to the problems of old age is a serious omission that violates the concept ofdiversity, which is so cultivated in Hollywood and America as a whole, that is, unity in diversity.

Disregard for age issues is not the only problem in the modern film industry, according to representatives of the Annenberg School of Media Research. Even occasionally appearing in films, older people too often become objects of jokes or attract the attention of viewers with diseases associated with old age. From the point of view of tolerance, all these are clear signs of ageism, that is, age discrimination. Even the innocent jokes of two cops in the crime drama “At Any Cost” were accused - the sheriff played by Jeff Bridges teases his partner because of his Indian roots, and he answers him with jokes about his retirement age.

Along with Meryl Streep, Isabelle Huppert (“She”) is nominated for the upcoming Oscar for Best Actress. However, the French actress herself does not like questions about her age, considers them humiliating. On the topic of aging and related collisions, the nomination "Best Foreign Language Film" also presents two tragicomedies at once - "The Second Life of Uwe" from Sweden and "Tony Erdmann" from Germany. However, this was not enough for the critics of the Film Academy policy.


Of the past nominees for the award, one cannot fail to recall the brilliant, then 63-year-old, Michael Keaton, who received only a Golden Globe for his role in Birdman. Also the last striking films about old age to compete for Oscars were the award-winning "Love" by Michael Haneke and "Nebraska" by Alexander Payne. They did not come to the attention of researchers, because they were released more than three years ago.

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Author: Jake Pinkman