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The Living Legend of New York

Image The novels about Inspector Alex Cross brought the greatest popularity to James Patterson, but other equally curious series can be found in the writer's bibliography. According to Deadline, ABC has decided to adapt the series of books about detective Michael Bennett.

Rick Cleveland ("The Man in the High Castle", "Under the Dome") is writing the script for the new show, and the story will tell about the New York detective, who has become a living legend. Michael Bennett is smart, experienced and dedicated to his job. He has no equal in solving murders, and he effortlessly completes the most difficult cases. However, upon returning home, a completely different life awaits him. Bennett's beloved wife has passed away, and now he has turned into a single father, raising six adopted children at once. Michael is a good dad, but juggling personal life and professional career is never easy.

Patterson himself once said that the image of Michael Bennett was inspired by stories of brave heroes from the New York police. To date, the cycle about the detective has ten books, so the creators of the series have plenty to choose from. In one of the novels, Bennett had to free a group of celebrities who were held hostage at the funeral of the first lady, in another - to find a killer who targeted the richest people in Manhattan.


It is noteworthy that five years ago, ABC already tried to film books about Bennett with another creative team, but the project was eventually canceled. The new drama is being produced by Patterson, Cleveland, Bill Robinson ("Menagerie"), Leopoldo Gout ("Me, Alex Cross") and Robert M. Sertner ("Revenge").

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Author: Jake Pinkman