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Will the Night Admin team move to Bond?

Image After information appeared two weeks ago that Daniel Craig refused to return to the image of James Bond for $ 100 million , controversy over the name of the new performer of the role of the famous movie hero. Over the past couple of years, many talented actors have been wooed into the popular franchise, but this spring the main contender for the keys to the new Aston Martin and the license to kill began to be considered Tom Hiddleston , who, according to rumors , has already met with producer Barbara Broccoli.

An equally tense struggle risks flaring up for the post of director of the 25th part of the James Bond film. Sam Mendes announced his desire to part with the film series last summer. A few days ago, the director of the films "007: Coordinates of Skyfall" and "007: SPECTRUM" attended a literary festival in the town of Hay-on-Wye, where it became known to journalists that he had not changed his mind over the past year.

According to Radio Times , Broccoli has already made a shortlist of candidates for the director's chair for the new film about the adventures of Agent 007 . Insiders learned that the list included the name of Suzanne Beer , a Danish woman, under whose leadership Hiddleston starred in the excellent spy thriller "The Night Manager" ( The Night Manager b>).


The name Bier has been heard by European moviegoers since the early 90s, but it gained worldwide recognition thanks to the drama "Revenge", which won the 2011 " Oscar " category "Best Film in a Foreign Language". Working on the mini-series " Night Administrator " Suzanne proved that she has a unique director's handwriting, easily finds a common language with the stars of the first magnitude and skillfully puts both dramatic and action scenes.


If the choice of producers stops at Bier , she will be the first representative of the fair sex to take the helm of the film series. Insiders do not rule out that the team " Bond 25 " may be announced in the very near future.

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