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DC Universe has a new curator

Image In the past month, it became clear that the DC cinematic universe is about to change. After disappointing box office results and the already acclaimed criticism of Justice League, which was seen as the culmination of the entire franchise, Warner Bros. decided to clean up the mess in DC Films. Jeff Jones and John Berg, who were appointed curators of the universe in 2016, lost their functions: Berg joined producer Roy Lee, and Jones got the role of consultant.

Variety was able to learn that the WB management has decided on the candidacy of a new curator of films for DC comics: Walter Hamada, who previously worked at New Line. Here he oversaw the production of hits such as The Conjuring, The Curse of Annabelle and the horror film It. The latter outperformed the Justice League ($ 698.8 million versus $ 652.1 million).

Hamada already has a definite connection to the DC Universe: the producer has long established a good relationship with Aquaman director James Wan. Together they launched the successful Conjuring franchise and its spin-offs. In addition to the fact that now Hamada will deal with all DC Films blockbusters, his responsibilities will include film comics of the studio for other graphic novels. Apparently, we are talking primarily about "Akira", the filming of which should be headed by Taika Waititi.


Walter Hamada's appointment is not the first major reshuffle in the DC universe, which is not surprising. Four films have been released so far, but only one of them, Wonder Woman, can be classified as a successful project. "Man of Steel" at one time did not meet the financial expectations of the WB, "Batman v Superman" suffered from negative reviews and could not overcome the $ 1 billion mark in the world box office. The same can be said for the Justice League. "Suicide Squad", as a film about new characters for the audience, demonstrated good financial results, but the reaction of film fans and critics also left much to be desired.

The question is what strategy Hamada will choose, because until now, the WB, unlike competitors Marvel, has not been able to find a formula for success for its superhero blockbusters.

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Author: Jake Pinkman