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Eastwood talks about dramatic rescue from Somali captivity

Image The blue-eyed cowboy of American cinema Clint Eastwood has already forgotten about his biopic "Miracle on the Hudson" and announced a new project, reports Variety . This time, the 86-year-old tireless director was inspired by the story of the American Jessica Buchanan, who spent 93 days in captivity.

It was in October 2011, when Somali pirates attacked a humanitarian mission camp, capturing Jessica and her Danish colleague. The kidnappers demanded more than $ 45 million in ransom. After 93 days, a US Navy detachment rescued the prisoners in a very dramatic way. Buchanan , being under the explainable strong impression of what happened, subsequently wrote an autobiographical book about it Impossible Odds (" Unequal odds "), which will lie in the basis of the plot of the picture.


The script for the future dramatic biopic is already being written by Brian Helgelend, who previously collaborated with the director in the crime thriller Mysterious River and the action movie Bloody Job. The producers are Greg Silverman ("10 Reasons I Hate") and Julia Spiro ("The Illusion of Deception").

As the son of ordinary hard workers, Eastwood -director often takes an interest in the fate of ordinary people who are in difficult situations and have shown heroism. His latest films are broadcasting about this - "The Sniper", where it is about the deadliest American soldier in Iraq, Chris Kyle, and the already mentioned " Miracle on the Hudson " - about the feat of the famous American pilot Chesley Sullenberger. Despite the average budget, both projects paid off at the worldwide box office, earning $ 547 million and $ 167 million , respectively.


Recall that the director's last film full of humanism is still in the box office, and Tom Hanks, who played the role of a modest hero in semitones, may well qualify for a nomination for Oscar .

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Author: Jake Pinkman