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Director Clooney & Snyder's League: Watch This Week

Image The coming week is not inferior to the previous one in terms of variety: films for every taste continue to lure viewers to cinemas with colorful posters, bright trailers, favorite actors and loud promises, promising unforgettable viewing pleasure. In the USA box office, two big premieres are scheduled at once: one of the most controversial films of the Venice Film Festival and one of the most controversial superhero blockbusters. A good family movie, another French comedy, the return of the famous horror franchise, a biopic from Cannes and much more await us.

The leader of last week, the third part of the Thor franchise, will have to move: he has a serious competitor. The Justice League is coming! Fans of Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman will team up to watch Zack Snyder's new movie, which, as it happens, you can either love or hate.

According to the editorial staff of LostFilm.INFO, viewers should pay attention to the new project by George Clooney "Suburbicon", which is based on the godforsaken scenario of the Coen brothers.

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Hollywood actor, director, producer and just a handsome man George Clooney shot a wildly funny and completely black comedy that does not pretend to be the leader of the box office and the love of the audience. The script, written back in the late 80s, tells about America during the 50s, which, with a light filing of the director, becomes an allusion to what is happening in the country now. The plot revolves around an exemplary American family: a quiet husband (Matt Damon) and his eternally annoyed wife (Julianne Moore). One fine day, in their immaculate home with a shining facade and neatly trimmed lawn, an attack takes place, which provokes a chain of a wide variety of, sometimes shocking, events. The embodiment of the American dream is turned inside out, demonstrating everything that the inhabitants of a small American town have been hiding for a long time. This modest independent film was a kind of response to political trends in modern American society. Clooney and Coens sometimes give too transparent and straightforward metaphors, but they definitely cannot be denied in clarity.

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Known primarily for his book and film It's Good to Be Quiet, writer Stephen Chbosky made a touching family movie called Miracle. In the center of the plot is a boy named August Pullman, who, like all children of his age, loves to play computer games, watch movies and race with a dog. However, Auggie (as his mom calls him) is not an ordinary boy at all. In his years, he managed to undergo as many as 27 operations due to a rare disease - maxillofacial dysostosis. Auggie's appearance elicits a wide variety of reactions from peers, which are known to be very violent. "Miracle" is an adaptation of the work of the same name by R.J. Palacio. The book about love, friendship, betrayal and the ability to forgive quickly found its readers, becoming a bestseller in the United States. The film has a more complicated fate: after a series of changes in the cast and the departure of a number of directors, Jacob Tremblay, known for the Oscar-winning "Room", as well as Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson joined the project. Three masters took up the adaptation of the book at once: Steve Konrad ("The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty"), Jack Thorne ("Harry Potter and the Cursed Child", "Skins") and Stephen Chbosky himself. The result is a heart-warming melodrama that will squeeze a bucket of tears out of you, cover you with nostalgia, make you remember your closest people, and put a small ray of goodness in your heart. What else do you need from a family movie?
"Skins") and Stephen Chbosky himself. The result is a heart-warming melodrama that will squeeze a bucket of tears out of you, cover you with nostalgia, make you remember your closest people, and put a small ray of goodness in your heart. What else do you need from a family movie?
"Skins") and Stephen Chbosky himself. The result is a heart-warming melodrama that will squeeze a bucket of tears out of you, cover you with nostalgia, make you remember the closest people, and put a small ray of goodness in your heart. What else do you need from a family movie?

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The release of the first part of Justice League will mark the very beginning of an epic battle between fans of Marvel and DC, fans of Snyder and Nolan, film critics and ordinary viewers. As a result, everyone will probably go to the film, because the level of its popularity will reach grandiose heights. Some users vying with each other will swear in love with him, sing unjustified praises and remember biblical references, others will demand Snyder's resignation, shout about the ruined DC MCU and sing the genius of the "Dark Knight". Whatever one may say, but this superhero blockbuster is simply doomed to high box office and low critical ratings. It is definitely not worth waiting for something great from the director of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. This picture needs a low bar, good-natured attitude and good company. Then meaningless epic scenes mind-boggling special effects and pathetic dialogues may not seem so dumb. Don't forget about the big bonus of Ezra Miller playing the Flash.

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Horror fans should stay home this week as the third installment of the Jeepers Creepers franchise awaits them. Horror director Victor Salva is one of those people who don't know when to stop. Legend has it that every 23rd spring a monster wakes up, which for 23 days invents the most terrible ways to kill its victims. The plot brings us back to the heroine of previous films, who lost her brother to this monster in the past. Now she is afraid for the fate of her own son. With the film "Jeepers Creepers" everything was clear after the first part, the release of the sequel only exacerbated the suffering of the audience, the triquel is intended to kill the faith in all the good in this genre. In other words, a very mediocre horror movie turned into an even more mediocre horror movie, which eventually became a downright bad movie.

The budget Spanish horror "Abode of Shadows" also does not inspire much hope. "Shelter" screenwriter Sergio H. Sanchez decided to save money on the director and shoot the picture himself. The result is a rather unconvincing attempt to make a name for itself.

ImageA participant in the competition program of the Cannes Film Festival “Young Godard” tells the life story of a leader “ new French wave ”by Jean-Luc Godard, Cannes's favorite and just a good director. The plot is set in Paris in the late 60s. Young and in love Godard, performed by Louis Garrel, shoots the scandalous "Chinese Woman", marries, rebelles and witnesses a real revolution. Young Godard was coldly received by the audience of the festival, and the director himself called the shooting of this film "a stupid, stupid idea."

The painting "Love-carrots in French" brings us back to the hackneyed topic of body exchange. USA localizers also noticed this and cleverly made a reference to a domestic comedy with a similar name. However, this step will not save anyone from a banal plot, cheap production and a complete lack of desire to watch.

Also next week, viewers will have another budget comedy, this time Danish, with the immodest name "Swinger", which speaks for itself. The main character of the film, Adam, at the height of the midlife crisis, decides to go to a meeting at a swing club, where he meets the girl of his dreams.

ImageTwo USA premieres for dessert. The famous musician Garik Sukachev made a documentary film "What is in me" based on the script by Garik Sukachev with Garik Sukachev in the title role. The picture will definitely appeal to fans of Garik Sukachev's work and will pass by all the others.

The satirical comedy Myths is the directorial debut of Alexander Molochnikov with Fyodor Bondarchuk, Sergei Bezrukov and Paulina Andreeva in the lead roles. The director promises to expose all the "myths" and reveal the true "truth" about the long-suffering USA cinema and show business, as if Malakhov is not enough for us.

For connoisseurs of rare films, the musical "Variety" from the director of "Empty Crown" Dominic Cook is released. Together with the composer Steven Sondheim, Cook talks about the girls from the variety show who share life stories with each other.

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