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Johnny Depp will go all bad

Image While the press relishes the details of Johnny Depp's personal life , he continues to select new projects for himself. In his plans for the future, which already include filming the sequel to Fantastic Beasts, the actor also added the comedy drama Richard Says Goodbye ( Richard says goodbye *).

Wayne Roberts, whose debut film, released last year, was called Katie Goodbye, will take the director's chair. The film's producers include Brian Kavanagh-Jones (Astral) and Greg Shapiro (Target One).

In the center of the film will be Richard , a tired college professor who will one day be given a fateful diagnosis. Throwing away pretense and forgetting about conventions, the main character begins to live a full and free life. For Richard , this means trying all addictions - cigarettes, alcohol, sex and insults to those who annoy him. It brings him tremendous pleasure, which he has not experienced in many years.


Johnny Depp will soon hit the big screens as Captain Jack Sparrow and ride the famous Orient Express at the end of the year. The actor also managed to complete filming in the thriller "Labyrinth", which tells about the investigation of the murders of hip-hop legends - Tupac Shakur and Biggie.

* -preliminary translation.

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