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Louis Leterrier travels to a fictional world

Image Louis Leterrier , director of the first "Illusion of Deception", is ready to add some magic to the adventure fantasy Commander Alexander , as reported by the information portal The Tracking Board . The director will have to implement a script written by Dallas Clayton, a children's writer who is best known for his somewhat eccentric works.

In the center of the events of the picture will be a man who accidentally returns to the world, invented by him as a child. However, now everything is destroyed here, and the main character must save the place that he used to love, because it is never too late to follow the dream ...

The new feed seems like a very suitable project for Leterrier . At the dawn of his career, the filmmaker dealt with action films - he directed the filming of two "Carriers" and the film "Danny Chain Dog". Also Louis managed to try his hand at the fantasy genre - in his track record you can find "The Incredible Hulk" and "Clash of the Titans.


The director's last work at the moment is the comedy action movie "The Brothers from Grimsby", which did not impress either critics or viewers, and failed miserably at the box office. Also in the future, Leterrier will have a screen version of Joe Hill's novel The Fireman for 20th Century Fox

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Author: Jake Pinkman