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Casting: Elementary Lori and Predator Fighter

Image Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie seem to have found an elementary job for themselves - the actors are sent to the set of the comedy " Holmes and Watson ", about which he writes informational site The Hollywood Reporter .

The filming of the tape started recently in London, and is headed by Ethan Cohen ("Be strong!"). He is also the author of the script for the project, and the main roles are played by Will Ferrell and John C. Riley.

The details of the plot of the film are still unknown, as are the names of the characters who will play Fiennes and Laurie . The source was only able to find out that the actors will try on the images of some famous characters from the works of Sherlock Holmes .


The last time Ralph Fiennes delighted moviegoers with his talent was in the comedy "Long live Caesar!", And then the actor turned his attention to dubbing - he gave voice to the heroes of the cartoons "Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai "and" The Lego Movie: Batman ". As for Hugh Laurie , this Sunday he can receive a Golden Globe for "The Night Manager" ( The Night Manager ).


No sooner had we announced that Trevante Rhodes had joined the cast of the new Predator , when the comedian Keegan-Michael Key (“Keanu "). In the new film, the cruel Predator will start looking for victims in the vicinity of the city, and the heroes of Boyd Holbrook, Rhodes and Keegan-Michael Key will have to fight the creation. Also, a woman scientist performed by Olivia Munn will be involved in the events of the tape. Work on the reboot should start at the end of February.


Jim Sturgess ("Twenty-One") and Agness Dein ("Clash of the Titans") will star in the upcoming BBC crime drama series Hard Sun , written by two-time Emmy nominee Neil Cross ( Luther ). Sturgess and Dane will play detectives Robert Hicks and Elaine Renko , respectively. Hicks is a loyal family man and a dedicated police officer, and Renko has had a lot of trials, but, unlike her colleague, she is completely incorruptible. Being both partners and enemies, the heroes try to enforce the laws in the world,

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