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Disney found a new Mulan

Image Not so long ago, Disney studio officially introduced the team of the new version of "The Lion King", and a little later - "Aladdin". Now, after a long search, the performer of the role of Mulan has been found for the playable version of the popular cartoon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be sung by Chinese Liu Yifei.

According to the source, representatives of the House of the Mouse spent a year trying to find the perfect candidate. They traveled to five continents and watched over a thousand applicants for the role of Mulan, who had to meet several requirements: mastery of martial arts skills, knowledge of English and stellar professionalism.

And although Liu Yifei is not very well known to the world film community, in her native China she is a real star. The actress also managed to star in several Hollywood films: she can be seen in the fantasy Forbidden Kingdom and the action movie In Exile. This year, Liu Yifei has appeared in the films "Chinese Widow" and "Once Upon a Time." The latter grossed over $ 80 million at the box office.


Now the creators of the Mulan remake are left to distribute the roles of the warrior Li Sang and the antagonist of Shan-Yu. Niki Caro (North Country) will lead the filming of the tape, and the premiere should take place in 2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman