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Winter forever

Image According to the information portal Deadline , the channel USA , responsible for the creation of the acclaimed "Mr. Robot" ( Mr. Robot ), decided to add to the list of their projects post-apocalyptic drama. According to the source, it will be based on the Canadian web series Temps Mort .

The action of the new show will unfold immediately after a natural disaster struck the world. One day in Miami, it starts snowing and does not stop anymore, leading to the fact that everything around freezes. In this difficult time, the main character will not only have to save his life, but also go in search of a bride, until the whole world plunged into a state of complete stasis.

Notably, the original web series was nominated for a Digital Emmy .


The script for the new project was written by James Frey , and for him the drama will be his first work on television. He began his career with the comedy "Kiss for Fun", and then turned his attention to literary activity. Thus, Frey is one of the authors of the book on which the film "I Am the Fourth" was shot.

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