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Hollywood Will Solve Boston Strangler Case

Image The modern entertainment industry continues to take an interest in the personality of one of the most violent criminals in American history - Albert DeSalvo, nicknamed the Boston Strangler . Since the mid-60s, the killer of 13 women managed to become the hero of several films, TV series and even comics. As reported by Variety , the serial killer will return to the big screen again in the Stranglehold * ( Stranglehold ) tape.

Film companies Broken Road and The Solution Entertainment Group hope to tell a previously unknown but true story about the work of a special squad that was created by the Massachusetts Attorney General's office to stop the killer. Then no one could have imagined that the investigative-operational group led by the disgraced police detective and telepath from Hollywood would be able to uncover several dark secrets of Boston at once ...

DeSalvo was arrested in October 1964, shortly after which he pleaded guilty. Three years later, Albert was sentenced to life in prison, but in 1973 he was stabbed to death in a maximum security prison. Even during the court hearings, many experts and journalists had doubts that DeSalvo was involved in all 13 crimes. Many conspiracy theorists to this day believe that different methods of murder and too high a range in the age of the victims indicate the presence of imitators of a real murderer.


Grasping will be the directorial debut of Barry L. Levy , who intends to write the film himself. Previously, Levi has already established himself as a talented Hollywood author: he has plots for such thrillers as "Paranoia" and "Point of Fire".

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