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Hulu to host Four Weddings and One Funeral

Image Telebosses have been experiencing a real crisis of ideas lately. Almost every week there is news that a particular channel is preparing another reboot of the once famous series or plans to adapt a full-length film for small screens. So, for example, only in the last two months we wrote that Teleport, True Lies, Another World, Nice Guys, Bad Boys, Blair Witch, etc. could move to television. .d. According to the portal Deadline, this time they want to turn the romantic comedy Four Weddings and One Funeral into a series.

Streaming service Hulu will be producing the anthology inspired by the 1994 British film. The project will be written and executive produced by the creator and star of the Mindy Project comedy show, also airing on Hulu, Mindy Keiling. She will be assisted by a colleague on the project, screenwriter and producer Matt Warburton. The author of the original film Richard Curtis will also join the creative duo as a producer.


Like the feature film, the series will focus on a group of friends whose lives intersect during five events (four weddings and one funeral), and tell one separate story each season. The project is still in development, but it is planned that in each season there will be different characters, and the events will unfold in different places, while the performers of the main roles may remain the same. In any case, at the moment, Keiling and Warburton are working on two scenarios at once, but whether the Hulu bosses decide to launch the project into production will become known early next year.


Four Weddings and One Funeral, directed by Mike Newell and written by Richard Curtis, was released in 1994. The main roles were played by Andy McDowell and Hugh Grant, who after that became firmly entrenched in the role of the romantic hero of love comedies and melodramas. With a modest budget of $ 4.4 million, the film earned about $ 246 million at the world box office and at that time became the highest grossing in the history of British cinema. In addition, the film was nominated for a number of various film awards, including the Oscar, and Grant in 1995 was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman