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Play to survive. Trailer ”Nerva”

Image Hollywood filmmakers have their finger on the pulse and are increasingly addressing the perniciousness of social media and the virtual reality craze. Earlier this year, Alicia Debnam Carey added to her problems by simply removing an annoying classmate from her friends list, and now Emma Roberts will have to experience the negative impact of modern technology on her own skin.

The thriller " Nerve " was directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Just , who presented the third and fourth installments of the Paranormal Activity franchise to moviegoers. Having got their hands on horror films from the popular film series, the filmmakers decided to send a young couple on a dangerous and adrenaline-filled adventure.

Schoolgirl Vee , at the insistence of friends, takes part in a popular online game, which at first seems like ordinary fun. But the first impression is deceiving, and the main character finds herself in the midst of a strange competition paired with a mysterious stranger (Dave Franco). Soon the game takes an unexpected turn, and the stakes are getting higher with each new task ...

Duplicate Trailer

It is noteworthy that in parallel with the release of the picture, a mobile application will also be released. True, it is not yet clear how much it will correspond to the game from the film itself. USA viewers will begin to worry about the life of Emma Roberts and her colleagues in misfortune on September 15 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman