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Casting: Williams to Venom, Lowe to assassin

Image Recently, Sony has been building its own Spider-Man universe, in which Peter Parker will not be, but his famous associates and enemies will settle. The first in a series of films will be the blockbuster "Venom", which has already got Tom Hardy for the main role, and the major is looking for no less famous actors to accompany him.

As The Hollywood Reporter found out, Michelle Williams is in talks to join the cast. In addition to Hardy, Reese Ahmed is also listed on it at the moment. The director's chair will be taken by Ruben Fleischer ("The Drunkest District in the World"), and the script was written by Scott Rosenberg ("Blood and Sweat: Anabolics") and Jeff Pinkner ("5th Wave").

Studio Sony is in no hurry to divulge which role Williams is offered. However, it is at least surprising that the four-time Oscar nominee agreed to play in the superhero blockbuster. Perhaps she was attracted by the script for the film, the details of which were also not reported. In most cases, Williams avoids such pictures, preferring dramatic projects. The only exception, perhaps, was the fantasy "Oz: The Great and Terrible", and among the future premieres with Michelle's participation one can find dramas "A World Full of Wonders", "All the Money in the World" and the musical "The Greatest Showman".


Jude Law ("Sherlock Holmes") is in negotiations for a role in the spy thriller The Rhythm Section. If the actor agrees to take part in the filming, then Blake Lively will be his on-screen partner. The director of the film is Reed Morano (The Handmaid's Tale), who just recently won an Emmy award. The film's producers will include Bond veterans Michael J. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, who see the new project as the foundation for a new franchise.

The film is a modern adaptation of Mark Burnell's first novel from the Stephanie Patrick series. Blake Lively will play a desperate girl who suddenly finds out that the plane crash that killed her family was faked. In search of the culprit, Stephanie, who miraculously escaped death, will not stop even before murder.


Actor and comedian Ike Barinholz (Neighbors. On the Warpath) makes his directorial debut with the satirical thriller The Oath, which he himself wrote. Barinholz will also play the main role in the tape. The action of the film will unfold in America, divided by political convictions, where every inhabitant is obliged to take an oath of allegiance. The main character is faced with a seemingly simple task - to survive Thanksgiving without destroying his own family.

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