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NBC will search for haunted houses

Image Franchise "Paranormal Activity" once became a sensation in the horror genre, and now the scriptwriters of the fifth film in the series are ready to work for the benefit of television.

Deadline reports that NBC has launched a procedural from Jason Pagan , Andrew Duchman and Vertigo Entertainment . The new show, dubbed The Eight ( Eight ), will be based on Ian Rogers' story Ashley Avenue House " .

High-risk requirements department will be at the center of the project. This small, secret unit is modeled after an insurance company, and its interests include haunted houses. After the death of the mysterious Founder , the department's employees are forced to embark on a dangerous journey, the goal of which is to search for eight objects hidden throughout North America and linked together by an incredibly powerful force.

In addition to "Paranormal Activity 5" in the filmography of Pagan and Duchman , you can find the fantastic thriller Continuum. The duo will also be co-producing the new show alongside Roy Lee ("The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death") and Michael A. Connolly ("How to Train Your Dragon").


The very same channel NBC does not plan to part with fantasy dramas in the near future. Despite the fact that for the series "Grimm" ( Grimm ) the next sixth season will be the last, the television network is preparing to present to the audience another novelty - the show "Midnight Texas" ( Midnight, Texas ), based on the works of Charlene Harris.

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Author: Jake Pinkman