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Hold me if you can

Image The successful return to the small screens of the hit TV series Escape proved once again that viewers are still interested in stories of fugitives from various penitentiary institutions. Deadline reports that the film companies Gold Star Films and Signature Films decided to tell the public the amazing story of the American Edward R. Jones, nicknamed the Hacksaw, who managed to escape from 14 prisons in his life.

Jones received his first term on false charges. The prospect of spending ten years behind bars forced Ed to devise and implement an ingenious escape plan. Jones quickly got caught by the police again, but soon the US authorities were convinced that even the walls of high-security colonies could not hold back a freedom-loving man. In 1978, Ed made history as the first person to land on the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives list without committing a single violent crime.

In the early 80s, Jones decided to settle down and promised his mother that he would never return to prison. In 1986 he published an autobiography, and then moved to Hollywood, where he tried his hand as a screenwriter. He penned the script for the melodrama "Carried away" with Dennis Hopper and Amy Irving in the lead roles.


Al Reinert (Apollo 13) and Ron Shelton (Darkham Bulls) came up with the plot of the film, tentatively titled Escape Artist. The latter also expects to take the director's chair of a crime thriller. It is curious that the director was personally acquainted with the legendary king of escapes: at one time, Jones rented a house in the Hollywood Hills from a filmmaker.

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