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Robotech found a new director

Image The full-length feature film based on the series " Robotech " has finally found a new director - Andres Muschetti . This is reported by the website The Hollywood Reporter . Studio Sony took up the project two years ago, and before it, Warner Bros. planned to adapt anime for large screens. At various times such Hollywood stars as Tobey Maguire Leonardo DiCaprio were interested in the project.

The speech in the film, somewhat reminiscent of "Transformers", will focus on the confrontation between people and aliens. Once upon a time an alien ship fell to Earth, and scientists were able to discover on it the technology with which they recreated the ship itself, but just at the moment of its launch, an alien fleet appeared in Earth's orbit.

The original series has 85 episodes and is a compilation of three Japanese anime. The full-length remake for WB has been written at various times by Lawrence Kasdan, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Major, by the way, considered the candidacy of Muschetti , but soon the adaptation rights passed to Sony , and already its management invited James Wan to the director's chair. The latter eventually decided to focus entirely on Aquaman.


Andres Muschetti - The choice for Robotech is quite interesting. His track record does not include blockbusters, which are also considered the beginning of a new franchise, but the director has succeeded in the horror genre. His horror movie Mama has earned critical praise, and the new version of It, directed by Muschetti , has already attracted a lot of attention. The director also plans to lead the filming of the sequel "It" , and after that he will probably take over "Robotech" , since the project Sony does not even have a scriptwriter yet.

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Author: Jake Pinkman