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Super Nacho Director Sees Shanghai Sunrise

Image Studio MGM returned to the idea of filming a sequel to the film series "Shanghai Noon". The Hollywood Reporter reports that director Jared Hess will lead the production of the film, dubbed Shanghai Dawn .

Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are negotiating to return to their roles from the first two films in the franchise. The details of the upcoming project are still kept secret, but Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, as well as Aaron Buchsbaum, managed to work on its script.

In "Shanghai Noon" , let us remind you that the hero of Jackie Chan had to join forces with a bandit performed by Wilson to save the Chinese princess. Tom Day's film was so successful that it was followed by a sequel, which took place in England.


Jared Hess is best known for such comedies as Napoleon Dynamite, Super Nacho, Unbridled Gentlemen and Don Verdun, and his film Instigators will be released in late September. starring just Owen Wilson .

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